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We thank members of the Connecticut legislature for stepping up and making changes to the existing laws to include coercive control (mental abuse) as a form of domestic violence. With the passage of this bill this option will be included to obtain an order of protection. We thank members for also extending to child custody cases the prioritization children’s safety and looking at domestic violence as a factor in deciding child custody cases. Sweet corner girl corp. was formed to reach out for community support during this transitional time as a resource for law enforcement and domestic violence centers who are already overloaded with survivors seeking assistance and the limited resources that are allocated for their safety. There is only so much to go around and we anticipate the need for assistance to be greater in anticipation of this bill becoming law. The bill has become law and women who have experienced domestic abuse (mental, financial social abuse, etc.) know that there are always loopholes or some unintended consequence of the law that will need to be overcome. We want to be ready to face those issues when they arise. The law now provides for the child protection agencies to step in and remove children where domestic or child abuse is suspected; however, they often do not prosecute the abuser, who may have been arrested. Charges may be reduced to simple trespass and due to the fact there are no resources for women and children to leave, she is often in a position to have to go back to the abuser. Now, the risk of children being in the state system are greater, often leaving a survivor of domestic abuse who is already mentally, emotionally and financially overwhelmed to fight a system that just doesn't seem to care and does not take accountability for the role they play in this social crisis. - Sweet Corner Girl™

our mission

Abuse is about control. When domestic abuse turns into violence, it is when he has lost control…control…over her. It’s everywhere that we talk and encourage women to get help for domestic violence, but when she seeks help for domestic abuse, there is often a glitch – a glitch in the law or the court doesn’t deem the abuse to measure to the criteria to obtain a protective order. She finds that there is little to no help. She is often denied a restraining order, shelter, or financial help to leave because the abuse is not physical…yet. It makes no practical sense that she has to wait until she is physically assaulted before she is helped to leave. When abuse turns to physical – it is that – assault…and when he kills her – it is calculated murder.

our goal

Let’s end domestic abuse. Let’s put the emphasis on the abuser and focus on the issues that are not being addressed about why a the abuse occurs. More than 30 years of research has shown that the abuser will abuse his partner or a new partner for ten years or more. We need to change or focus on the issues that predispose a person to be abusive and end the cycle of domestic abuse. There is minimal consequences to the abuser and often only enter into a court required batterers intervention class similar to a driver’s class to satisfy court requirements.